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  Website last updated:   2014-10-01

  Business Opportunities in Fusion
                   for UK Industry

With large investment in fusion research programmes, there are many business opportunities for UK companies. Explore the Fusion and Industry site to discover how your company can win business in this exciting and challenging market.

  • New to Fusion? Then visit the CCFE web site for an overview of fusion power, its technology and potential environmental benefits.

  • National and international fusion programmes – Fusion research in the UK is conducted at the CCFE's Culham Science Centre in Oxfordshire. The centre is home to the UK's fusion research programme as well as JET (the Joint European Torus), currently the world's largest fusion experiment. CCFE has close links with other European and international fusion laboratories and the 14 billion Euros International Tokamak Experimental Reactor (ITER) under construction at Cadarache, France.

  • Is fusion relevant to my company? Like any business, fusion research requires a wide range of products and services from the mundane to the highly technical. To find out more about the business opportunities arising from fusion research visit our Industry Opportunities area.

  • Current Fusion Contracts and Tenders





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ITER employee survey coup for Ipsos MORI01/10/2014
Leading UK market research company Ipsos MORI has been chosen to carry out a Project Culture Survey among employees at the ITER...

ITER detritiation systems framework win for Nuvia01/10/2014
Nuvia is celebrating a service framework contract win with ITER Organization. The company will now be working closely with ITER on the finalisation of the...

Rockwood Composites land ITER insulation R&D deal01/10/2014
Rockwood Composites has been awarded a contract by ITER Organization (IO) to undertake a research and development programme for high-voltage insulation of...