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Meggitt to develop trial carbon-carbon composite for ITER
ITER Business Forum reveals outline procurement arrangements and project management processes for Fusion for Energy
ITER update
Morson Projects wins contract to make JET conduit assembly jig for diagnostics cabling
JET shutdown completed
MAST engineering break nears its end
UKAEA's leading role in European industry group
Appointment of new Culham Director
Engineer's Profile - Robert Pearce

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Morson Projects wins contract to make JET conduit assembly jig for diagnostics cabling
Manchester-based Morson Projects Ltd is to design and manufacture a jig for the manufacture of stainless steel conduit for new diagnostics being installed in the JET torus as part of JET's ITER-like wall (ILW) project, in a contract worth 375,000 Euro. The jig will ultimately be used to assemble two kilometres of diagnostics cabling through conduits in the torus. The new diagnostics cabling is part of an integrated package of JET enhancements the aim of which is to develop an understanding of ITER torus materials issues.

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Meggitt to develop trial carbon-carbon composite for ITER

ITER schematic showing the torus.
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems has secured a development deal that will enable it to work towards becoming a supplier of a carbon-based component for ITER. Under the development deal, the company is initially providing 150kg of a special type of carbon-carbon composite that may ultimately form part of the ITER divertor. Following initial tests on the material, Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems will then be required to bid for the supply of several tonnes of carbon-carbon composite for the full-scale ITER device.

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ITER Business Forum reveals outline procurement arrangements and project management processes for Fusion for Energy
In our December Special Edition of the Fusion Business Ezine we reported on the ITER Business Forum (IBF) held in December 2007. As e-news readers will know the presentations from the conference can be found at (once you are on the site you will need to select the Comite industriel ITER/ Forum IBF/07/Speakers Presentations). In this report we summarise two talks which are particularly important for UK readers. These give an insight into how projects will be procured and managed by the European Domestic Agency for ITER in Barcelona, known as "Fusion for Energy" (F4E).

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Exhibitors at the IBF in Nice
ITER update
On 18 December 2007, the first European Procurement Arrangement for ITER was signed by ITER Principal Deputy Director General Norbert Holtkamp and Didier Gambier, Director of the European Domestic Agency "Fusion for Energy" in Barcelona. Meanwhile, the ITER Design Review has been completed, the ITER Council has formally met for the first time, and construction at the site is in full swing.

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UKAEA's leading role in European industry group
UKAEA’s Fusion and Industry Manager, Dan Mistry, has been appointed Deputy Chairman of the European fusion Industry Liaison Officers (ILO) group. Dan was a founder member of the ILO group which was formed a couple of years ago to help encourage European industry to compete for ITER projects.

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Appointment of new Culham Director

Professor Steven Cowley
UKAEA has announced that Professor Steven Cowley, presently of University of California Los Angeles and Imperial College, will be the new Culham Director from September 2008 following the retirement of Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith.

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JET shutdown completed
JET’s eight-month shutdown was completed in December 2007. In addition to a significant number of inspections, maintenance tasks and substantial remedial work on key equipment, this shutdown was mainly devoted to the installation of various new systems. The most extensive of these was the ITER-like antenna. Other key enhancements included Toroidal Alfven Eigenmode RF antennas and a High Frequency Pellet Injector. JET’s restart programme is now well underway, with the next campaign of experiments scheduled to begin in Spring 2008.

MAST engineering break nears its end

Work on ELM coils inside the MAST vessel
The present MAST engineering break is nearing completion. In-vessel work is now finished and pumpdown began on 8th January. Leak checks are being carried out prior to high temperature baking of the MAST vessel and restart of operations.

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Engineer's Profile - Robert Pearce
Continuing our series of profiles to introduce fusion engineers to UK plc. Robert Pearce is the Vacuum Group Leader for ITER.

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